Multiple Check-ins

Through a dedicated interface supervisors can check-in several workers at once. This flexibility gives them the possibility to adapt to reality and the unexpected.


Multiple Ways of Registering

This empowers workers and gives them the possibility to manage their time-related information with ease and on the mobile device of their choice (QR-code, ID-barcode, NFC, Beacon)


Multiple Work Sites

With geo-localisation you can remotely manage several sites in order to better allocate resources. Know at all times who is present, where and for how long.


Advanced Scheduling

Manage presence on and access to your sites for a period of several weeks (time, date, duration, access and cancellation rights).

Organisational Management

Thanks to real-time synchronization and a centralized dashboard view you can quickly adapt to unforeseen changes with a clear vision on what’s happening in your organisation. Create management processes that will improve workforce commitment and support change management.



Interfacing with your payroll system is key for any time and presence management software. With CheckAtWork you can easily create and export data to your payroll software or provider.



HR Policy

CheckAtWork provides you with the basis for correct, rapid calculations in pay administration. Fewer errors mean less administration and more control. Because your costs reduce and information flows improve you gain efficiency and time in executing your HR policy.



Hardware Management

The mobyGate device for time and presence registration is paired with the CheckAtWork platform, which offers a live overview of your mobyGate fleet. This gives you access to device location, status and number of check-ins.

Workforce Planning and Analytics

When time and presence are registered, an organisation obtains clarity on the attendance and actual working times. Even though registration is the starting point, the real gain comes from the ensuing reporting and analysis of data. Time and presence registration provides a means to acquiring strategic knowledge of the availability and capacity of staff. It is the baseline of workforce management.


Business Analytics

CheckAtWork empowers you with real-time decision-making abilities, so you can easily convert data into concrete measures. Instant access for managers and executives to reporting, inquiry, and analysis tools will enable your organization to proactively manage your business needs, instead of just reacting to them.


Management Auditing

With easier access to information, audits are completed more quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the reduced time-lapse between planning and reporting, you have access to data sooner.


CheckAtWork makes it easy to comply with all relevant government regulations, as well as with compliance rules and internal policies.

Since April 1st 2014 presence registration on construction sites is mandatory in Belgium. This registration must be done on the day the work is executed at the Social Security Services (NOSS).
A version of CheckAtWork has been developed to adapt to the new regulations. This specific platform is directly linked to the Belgian Social Security Office gateway as well as to Belgian companies’ internal ERP or HR system.
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