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This solution is intended to improve and simplify the management and organisation of public services.


Data management is often a challenge for public services since they must obtain and process information from several sources.

A solution such as CheckatWork, can simplify and automate data management by centralizing and organising workers’ information across databases.

Our software is completely scalable and adapts itself to the extensive needs of the public sector.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

This proverb is eminently true of the public sector.

Preventive measures to avoid or reduce occupational risks also safeguard health and improve the well-being of citizens.

With a modular and complete solution like CheckAtWork Public Institutions have access to numerous data sources (employment, accidents) and can perform analyses, research and studies necessary for the implementation of preventive measures.

CheckAtWork is a vital source of information.

CheckAtWork can be integrated into a fraud management system in order to highlight any irregular or potentially fraudulent activity.

This eases the work of public officials. Furthermore the automation and real time transmission of data reduce the opportunities for orgery.

A secure, fast and efficient system such as CheckAtWork enables fast detection, processing and prevention of illegal activities.


Belgium has demonstrated it is possible to have a clear and uniform regulation for employees and subcontractors in the construction sector.

Since April 1st 2014 presence registration on construction sites is mandatory. Registration must be done on the day of the work at the Social Security Office (NOSS).  This law has been implemented in order to discourage social dumping, undeclared work, but above all to provide workers real protection and insurance.

A version of CheckAtWork has been developed to comply to the new regulation. This specific platform is directly linked to the Belgian Social Security Office gateway as well as to Belgian companies’ internal ERP or HR system.

See legislative details for more information

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