mobyGate is an electronic device that allows for real-time registrations and without pre-registration.
This easy-to-install time clock can be placed anywhere on site.

Show a badge, identity card or a QR-Code in front of the reader to validate the registration.
Relevant information is transmitted via the GSM network to our secured CheckAtWork platform that sends it to your management system or the government.
A confirmation is sent and available on the platform and mobile application.
In case of network loss, an internal memory stores the data and transfers it once the connection is restored.

In addition you can manage your mobyGate fleet via the platform.

Through the use of mobyGate and our CheckAtWork solution you will be able to easily, efficiently and precisely manage your staff.


• Real time transmission of registrations to your ERP with confirmation

• Covers all cases: NFC, QR-Code, BarCode, and via mobile application

• Management and control via the CheckAtWork platform and mobile app


• Telematics Box integrating GSM / GPRS

• Identifiers: NFC, QR-code or barcode

• Power supply: cable or via an integrated battery (autonomy 48h)

• Storage of data on internal memory (useful in case of Network GSM / GPRS loss)

• Waterproof PVC casing

• Dimensions 222mm X 146mm X 75mm

• Integrated PC allowing variants according to your needs (e.g. door-opener, Check-Out).

mobyGate is available for purchase or leasing.

Our system can be tailor-made according to your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any inquiries.

IoT Mobility

CheckAtWork network environment can also interconnect and exchange with all objects and devices of your choice.

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